Fire doors are  great importance for human life. In possible fire situations, it allows the emergency evacuation of the scene. It is especially important in areas where crowded masses live and in places where human mobility is intense. Fire doors, which have functional as well as decorative designs, also have options to be manufactured in accordance with the concept and colors of stylishly designed spaces as glazed fire doors, emergency exit doors and sheet metal doors, and areas of aesthetic concern where visuality is prioritized.

Fire doors are produced in two types, in different sizes, as single leaf fire doors or double leaf fire doors, depending on the intended use of the places. Fire doors should be produced and applied in accordance with internationally valid standards, together with all the components used together (panic bar, handle, lock, hinge, door closer, guillotine, etc.). MKS Metal Fire Door has been tested in real ovens in a laboratory environment according to EN 1634-1 norm and has received 60, 90, 120 minutes certificates.