Our Fire Exit Doors, which are requested in soundproofed places, can be applied with acoustic features. The difference from the standard fire door is that with the special guillotine details applied under the door, our doors not only provide fire safety, but also absorb the loud noise coming from the outside and reduce the sound penetration to the desired levels. In the production of 42DB Acoustic fire door, 150 kg/m3 Rockwool, 30 mm, Fire Resistant Gypsum Board (2 Pieces), 128 Kg/m3 Ceramic wool 6 mm filling, under-door concealed guillotine and surface guillotine are applied to the door.
Apart from sound insulation in acoustic fire doors;

In the fire doors where the under-door guillotine is applied, the passage of air from the inside to the inside and from the inside to the outside is prevented. Heating systems in winter and cooling systems in summer thus help save energy.

It prevents dust and smoke that may come from under the door in the fire doors where the door guillotine is applied. It provides a sterile environment for individuals who are sensitive to dust.

Light leaking from under the door is prevented in the fire doors where the Under Door guillotine is applied. It increases the comfort of living in hotel-like resting areas.

Door Frames Under Door guillotine prevents the passage of pest-like creatures that can come from under the door in fire doors.

Since there is no mechanism or height on the surface, it does not pose a problem for disabled people to pass through the fire door.

MKS Metal Standard colors RAL 1013 , RAL 1023 , RAL 2004 , RAL 3000 , RAL 3020 , RAL 5010 , RAL 5015 , RAL 6005 , RAL 7016 , RAL 7035 , RAL 7040 , RAL 8001, RAL 9002 , RAL 9005 , RAL 9006 , RAL 9010 , RAL 9016 are although ,it can be applied in special requested codes with an additional fee, except for these colors. If a special color is requested, the delivery time may be extended.

Product features

EN 1634-1



Leaf Thickness

65 mm


3 hinges on each leaf, one of which is bent from 3 mm sheet metal, and one of them is self-spring

acoustic insulation value

42 db


Under-door concealed guillotine (1 piece) Surface-door guillotine (1 piece)



test no


Fire Resistance

Class 120 min. EI Class 90 min.


Fire resistant insulation materials are used in our installations. No mortar or filling


150 kg/m3 Rockwool 30 mm, Fire Resistant Drywall (2 Pieces), 128 Kg/m3 Ceramic wool 6 mm

Technical Details